Our Ethical Framework


Why We Exist

Growth, opportunity and positive experiences.


We genuinely believe that:

  • Honest communication and transparent behaviour are critical to the survival of a good business.
  • Resourceful people are a key part of our culture and success.
  • Most people come to work every day to do a good job, our responsibility is to create an environment where they are motivated to contribute.
  • The success of our people will underpin our overall success. If we don’t grow and develop others, we don’t grow.
  • We have a duty to provide a healthy and safe working environment.


  • To be accountable for our actions.
  • To operate within the law, governance regulations and organisational agreements that bind us.
  • To provide a duty of care to our people.
  • To respect the culture and diversity of the areas we operate in.
  • To deliver world-class product at amazing value.
  • To maintain long term and respectful supplier replationships, underpinned by our Vendor Code of Conduct.
  • To contribute to society and create sustainable change for those in need.

What We Value

  • Fun
  • Family
  • Keeping it real
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Ethical
  • Engaged